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Want to help out?

If you’re supportive of what I’m trying to achieve and want to lend a hand there’s a few things I’ll need help with when the campaign starts in earnest later this year:

  • Make sure you, your family, and your friends are enrolled to vote and that when the election comes you remember to vote. Head on over to the Electoral Commission and update your details.

  • Hoarding sites: If you have a fence then I’ll have a sign to put on it. Contact me on the form below to let me know your details and I’ll get in touch closer to the campaign.

  • Flyer deliveries: While I’ll be out delivering flyers and talking to as many people as I can, any assistance in delivering pamphlets during the campaign would be greatly appreciated. Use the form below to get in touch and register your details.

While I’m appreciative of offers of financial support, I’ve decided to not accept donations. There are far more important charities and community initiatives that I’d rather people gave their money to.

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