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Fresh ideas for Kāpiti’s future

Want to know what policies and issues I’ll be standing for? As we close in on the election I’ll be sharing my thoughts on some of the major issues facing Kāpiti, as well as the ideas I’ve been hearing from people I meet with.

Underpinning my approach is the recognition that Kāpiti Coast District Council is heavily in debt and with residents already paying high rates. That means we have to be careful to get maximum value out of every dollar of ratepayer money invested by Council and eliminate waste so that any rate rises can be kept to a minimum.

Kāpiti Coast District Council’s tight financial position also means we need a Mayor who will tirelessly advocate on behalf of our communities and knows how to work with central government so they play their part in supporting and funding the infrastructure Kāpiti needs to grow and thrive.

You can always let me know what issues are concerning you and what you think Council needs to focus on by sending me a message through the contact page.


Climate change

Real action to tackle climate change - read the full press release here.

  • Target of a net carbon neutral Kāpiti Coast by 2040 (10 years before the rest of New Zealand).

  • Achieved by at least doubling forestry (both native and exotic species) on the Kāpiti Coast and halving greenhouse gas emissions, especially from transport.

  • Work with Kāpiti’s communities, along with central and regional government, to establish a strategy to mitigate climate change and adapt to its impacts on our coast.

  • Establish a partnership between Kāpiti’s communities, central, regional, and local government to help Kāpiti shift to a low carbon economy, e.g. shifting to electric buses, investing in infrastructure for cyclists, mobility scooters, and electric cars, and fighting for both the extension of commuter rail to Ōtaki and faster, more frequent, and more reliable rail services.

  • Show leadership in partnering with central and regional government to lead the establishment of a Climate Change Adaptation Fund to pay for things such as dune restoration, seawalls, upgraded stormwater systems, and compensation for when managed retreat is required.

  • Support Low Carbon Kāpiti’s goal of a net carbon neutral Kāpiti Coast District Council by 2025.


Housing affordability and social housing

A real plan to see action taken on Kāpiti’s housing crisis:

  • No more sales of Council-owned houses until comprehensive social housing and housing affordability strategies for Kāpiti are developed in partnership with community housing providers, iwi, and central government.

  • Review and implement the recommendations of the Kāpiti Coast Communities Housing Taskforce as soon as is practically possible.

  • Work with central government, iwi, developers, and community housing providers to identify and develop excess Council and government land where appropriate to provide more affordable and social housing.

  • Set the target with central government that Kāpiti’s housing and rental affordability be brought back in line with the national average by 2025, and for house prices and rents to be more affordable in Kāpiti than the national average by 2030.