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While local authorities go out to their communities each year to consult on things such as their annual plan, all too often important issues are left hidden in the details and get missed out. There’s several recent examples of this in Kāpiti, such as:

  • The removal of the much loved kiosk at Maclean Park. Council’s consultation failed to capture the strong community attachment to it, and they ploughed ahead in removing and giving it away despite 70 per cent of locals wanting it retained.

  • Council’s plan to borrow an additional $30 million to gamble on the sharemarket, when we’re already one of the most indebted districts in the country.

Rather than relying solely on the Council’s consultation process, I’ll be running my own independent surveys of Kāpiti’s residents and getting their views on the issues that matter to them.

The first of these surveys is available to complete below.

Kapiti Coast Summer 2019 Survey

All responses to this survey will be confidential and results will only be published in a collated and anonymised manner. While there’s no fields asking for names or other identifying information, responses where this is provided will be deleted.

Are you worried about how Kāpiti will cope with population growth?
How do you rate the overall job Kāpiti Coast District Council is doing?
Do you feel the Mayor and Councillors listen to your concerns?
Are you concerned about the lack of access to basic 24/7 healthcare in Kāpiti?
Are you concerned about crime in Kāpiti?