Mayor Gurunathan's resigned acceptance of Peka Peka decision not good enough

Kāpiti mayoral candidate Gwynn Compton says the New Zealand Transport Agency’s decision to cancel the Peka Peka interchange is frustrating and has called out current Mayor Gurunathan’s timid response to the news as not good enough.

“I'm really frustrated by the decision from NZTA to axe the Peka Peka interchange and Mayor Gurunathan's resigned acceptance of its cancellation. His not fighting this decision to get the interchange built while the bulldozers are still there simply isn't good enough,” says Mr Compton.

"Too often we don't get these big infrastructure projects done right the first time and the people of Peka Peka and Te Horo are going to have endured years of disruption with very little benefit at the end of it."

The failure to build the interchange now also means that Waikanae will see more traffic on Te Moana Road and along the beach front, while Te Horo residents will be forced into inefficiently backtracking to Ōtaki.

"We need a Mayor who will be a relentless advocate for our region and make sure that Kāpiti gets the infrastructure it needs for the rapid growth we're experiencing,” says Mr Compton.

“With the land already available and just a northbound off-ramp and southbound on-ramp required, this will end up as a missed opportunity that will be regretted later.”