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Bringing a fresh approach to Council

Kāpiti Coast District Council is here to serve our community. Too often we’ve all heard the complaint that Council is telling people what’s going to happen and what’s good for them, rather than genuinely listening to community concerns and taking them seriously.

While some individual councillors do a great job of representing their communities, on the whole there’s a sense that often the Council does the bare minimum of consultation, or doesn’t take feedback onboard.

That needs to change.

To help keep council connected to the people it serves, if I’m elected I’ll run easily accessible monthly catch ups where anyone can drop by and discuss the issues that are facing their particular community. I’ll maintain an open door policy at Council so our community can drop by and talk through their concerns or ideas for our region.

I’ll also be active and easily approachable online both through social media and email, as well as regularly seeking your views on important topics through online surveys.

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Being a relentless advocate for Kāpiti’s needs

Our Mayor needs to be a relentless advocate and promoter of Kāpiti. They need to take a much more active and visible role in advocating about the issues facing our community. We all know that with high debt and high rates, Kāpiti will need investment from central government to meet the challenges ahead of us.

As Mayor I’ll fight to get action on:

  • Bringing KiwiBuild to Kāpiti faster to help deliver more affordable homes for first home buyers, as well as more investment in social housing.

  • Support for projects, initiatives, and events in Kāpiti to help create a diverse economy that delivers sustainable growth, more jobs, and higher incomes.

  • Getting more urgency behind providing access to proper after hours healthcare in Kāpiti so that people don’t have to travel over an hour into Wellington in the small hours of the night.

  • Improvements for public transport such as improved bus connections to Ōtaki and extending commuter rail services from Waikanae to Ōtaki.

  • More police staffing, including weekend hours for the Paraparaumu police station.